Local Spotlight: Humane Society of South Mississippi

Humane Society of South Mississippi

Biloxi—and southern Mississippi more broadly—has a lot of heart. There’s no better place to see that than the Humane Society of South Mississippi (HSSM). Finding pets a good home is just what they do. Let’s take a look at this humane society more closely, and see how they help care for the community.

When was it founded?

Incorporated in 1952, the Humane Society of South Mississippi holds the title of largest animal care organization in the state. Since then, the society has remained steadfast in its goal to prevent pet overcrowding and homelessness in the community.

What’s the society’s mission?

Caring for pets is a given, but HSSM goes a step further. The Humane Society of South Mississippi hit a major milestone in 2012. In that year, the Board of Directors for HSSM adopted a significant measure that aimed to curb (and eventually eliminate) healthy pet euthanasia in the area. Their mission is to propel the South Mississippi community into a euthanasia-free community, the first of its kind in the Deep South.

What are they doing right now?

HSSM, of course, helps link pets up with loving homes. However, they also care for those pets who have not yet found one. In 2017, the society cared for and sheltered nearly 8,000 pets. The Humane Society of South Mississippi bills themselves as an open-admissions shelter, which means they don’t turn pets away based on age, health, or behavior.

HSSM also raises funds to care for animals, through the Chicken Soup and Have a Heart Funds. The Have a Heart Fund helps those animals who test positive for heartworm. The Chicken Soup drive derives its name from the remedy to sickness many eat: chicken soup. This fund takes care of pets’ medical expenses. The HSSM also employs a Pet Alert program, which links aspiring owners up with pets.


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