In the News: Biloxi Restaurant Named Best Italian Restaurant in Mississippi

Best Italian Restaurant in Mississippi

Their mozzarella sticks may melt your heart. Going on two years now, The Sicilian II has earned the title of best Italian restaurant in Mississippi by Microsoft News’ online lifestyle journal. The restaurant’s tempting pizza and to-die-for mozzarella sticks may have landed it its spot atop the state’s Italian eateries.

A Slice of Sicilian Cuisine

Nestled in a modest strip mall near Keesler Air Force Base, the best Italian restaurant in Mississippi two years running opened in 2015. Chef Chris Drake II’s late father launched the pizza joint, which soon became a local hotspot. Generations-old family recipes are the cornerstone of the restaurant’s success—that, and an impeccable work ethic along with friendly service.

Upon Chef Christo’s (Drake II’s father) passing, the Italian diner tucked into a mini-mall became Chef Chris Drake II’s. Chef Chris Drake II built on his father’s success, implementing changes that drove the best Italian restaurant in Mississippi to further fame. Locals rave about The Sicilian II’s pizza and mozzarella sticks, touting them as some of the best tasting dishes they’ve ever had.

The made-from-scratch menu at The Sicilian II keeps the locals coming back. From pizza to pasta, this restaurant delivers on Italian fare. Even in a Deep South bred on barbecue, The Sicilian II has made a name for itself.

This family-owned restaurant is now known for its ability to churn out delicious-tasting pizzas and seriously scrumptious cheese sticks at a stunning rate. Sharing space with Greek and Korean cuisines in a mall, the two-time best Italian restaurant in Mississippi may indeed be small physically. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in taste.


Save room for the cheese sticks. Homemade, they’re made with appetite in mind. It’s wonderful that Biloxi boasts such delicious restaurants for us to enjoy.

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