Coming Up: 28th Annual Crawfish Music Festival

28th Annual Crawfish Music Festival


Craving some crawfish? Well, the 28th Annual Crawfish Music Festival has you covered. There’ll be crawfish galore—and a musical lineup that will have you yelling “encore!” Bring your appetites and best dance moves; this year’s festival is looking to be quite the savory showstopper.

About the Festival

Come for the crawfish, stay for the entertainment—the 28th Annual Crawfish Music Festival looks appetizing on all fronts. This boil bash has almost entered its third decade, and is looking to amp it up on the front lawn of the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.

At the 28th Annual Crawfish Music Festival, you can enjoy a carnival ride, slurp down a spicy boiled crawfish, and jam out to merry melodies. All of this with the beautiful Mississippi Sound in the background.

Running from Wednesday, April 15 to Sunday, April 19, this festival will brighten your weekend. How could all the boiled crawfish you can eat not have that effect? Throughout the weekend, enjoy the musical stylings of performers like Wet Willie, Midland, 17 Memphis, and The Chitlins.

In addition to the festivities, the 28th Annual Crawfish Music Festival will host a crawfish cook-off on Saturday, April 18 at 1 p.m. Approximately 30 teams from around the coast will whip up their tasty boiled crawfish cuisines for you to try. The cook-off is only $12 with Crawfish Musical Festival admission!

Sensations for the senses will be on full blast at this hot-boiled bash. It’s set to be a good time all around!


The 28th Annual Crawfish Music Festival will feature some really good entertainment—and some really great crawfish. We can taste the spicy crawfish, new potatoes, and corn now! All in all, good times are on their way.

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