In the News: Center Stage Biloxi

Center Stage Biloxi

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 isn’t easy—but it’s worth it. As we stay home, though, it’s natural to miss the things that we so easily enjoyed only a few months ago. For many of us, one of those things was going out to see a sensational live show. Fortunately, we have a bit of good news to share today. Center Stage Biloxi just got a grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission!

What is Center Stage Biloxi?

If you’ve never heard of Center Stage Biloxi, the first thing you should know is that this organization is an amazing asset in our community. They’re a live, completely non-profit theater joint, where you can see musicals, plays, and more. You can also audition to join the cast or help create a memorable show as a crew member too!

Also, as a fun fact: did you know they used to be located in a converted auto shop? That was back in 1975, when they were first getting started. They’ve made enormous strides over the past few decades!

More on the Grant

Keeping a thriving community theater afloat requires support from others, like the Mississippi Arts Commission. This year, the Mississippi Arts Commission gave a $12,000 grant to Center Stage Biloxi. This funding will allow them to offer programs, give locals a place to pursue their passions, and show us all a wide world of entertainment.

How can I support Center Stage Biloxi?

Each year, Center Stage is supported by three things:

  • Grants;
  • Ticket sales; and
  • Help from our amazing community.

If you are in a position to easily give back and if you want to support them during these times, you’re welcome to donate here. You can also help them out for free simply by talking about them, mentioning their shows when they return, or even sharing this blog with a theater-loving friend!


The community and local arts are in the spotlight at Center Stage Biloxi. Thanks to a grant, this theater can continue to put on the shows that we all love to see! Here’s to a safe return to the seats and the stage in Biloxi!

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