Things to Do: Tour the Historic Pinta Ship Replica

Tour the Historic Pinta Ship Replica

Step aboard a tall ship replica and step back to 15th century ship life! Tour the historic Pinta Ship Replica while it is in port from Jan. 29 through Feb. 16, and be part of a crew that can say they visited a one-of-a-kind sailing museum!

Docking Soon!

Make plans to discover more about the caravel, a Portuguese ship used by explorers like Columbus to uncover a new world. The Pinta will be easy to spot at 367 Beach Blvd. in Biloxi with the tall mast towering high.

To tour the historic Pinta Ship Replica, simply show up between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. with cash or credit card in hand! While there are guided tours, the self-guided tour is recommended for individuals, families, and friends. Channel your inner explorer as you meander and learn about Columbus’ voyages, the ship mechanics, life aboard today, and much more! Cost is $6.50 for adults, $5 for students, and free for children 4 and under.

More about the Pinta

It’s a sailing museum turned floating museum as soon as it is in port. Sister ship to the Niña replica, the Pinta is the larger archetypal caravel. It has more deck space and bigger sails, plus the modern addition of AC in its 40-foot cabin below with seating.

Sanger Ships LLC built both replicas. The Niña is hailed as the “the most historically accurate replica of a Columbus Ship,” to set sail since 1501, according to the website. However, the Pinta was built with a healthy mix of modern in mind. The deck is 15 feet longer and 8 feet wider than the original caravel to accommodate more people and events.

Party on the Pinta!

With its larger deck and air conditioned cabin, this ship is available for dockside charters and private parties! To find out more, email [email protected] or call (787) 672-2152.

Guided tours are recommended for student groups, organizations, and lifelong learners with a group of 15 or more. Group rate is $5 per guest. The guided tours are approximately 30 minutes.

Still wondering, “What’s a caravel?”

This ship was built for speed and movability. This ship quite possible chartered the course of the world as we know it. Because the caravel is light and small, it is fast. Another main difference in this 15th-century ship is the introduction of the lateen sail.

Here is where Columbus really sailed. These triangular versions went against the wind, allowing him to go farther and faster than anyone before! Columbus made four voyages on caravels like the Niña and Pinta for more than a decade.


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