In the News: New Restaurants Opening in Biloxi

New restaurants opening in Biloxi

The spirit of spring is thriving in downtown Biloxi! There’s construction and renovations happening on Lameuse Street and Howard Avenue as new restaurants opening in Biloxi make their final preparations!

The New Kids on the Block

Technically, One Thirty One Lameuse isn’t new to business or the area. However, it is switching gears. Currently it’s transitioning from a special events venue to a fine dining restaurant. Guests can expect Southern cuisine at its finest made with fresh local ingredients. With plans to open soon, a good way to keep up with progress is to like their Facebook page.

Located at 131 Lameuse St., it won’t be a place—or address—that’s hard to remember!

A new neighbor coming to Lameuse Street is CB’s Jamaican Grill. Again, while this Ocean Springs eatery isn’t new to business, it’s new to Biloxi! Relocating to Biloxi is something both the owners and loyal customers are happy about.

Renovations are finishing up at the historic Old Biloxi Library building where CB’s Jamaican Grill will soon be smokin’ on the first floor. Serving authentic Jamaican Jerk food and smoked ribs, downtown is sure to  be a little spicier!

Finally, opening at 918 Howard Ave. is Biloxi’s newest high-end martini lounge concocting specialty cocktails and entertaining on the expansive outdoor courtyard. Martini’s is fine tuning the details before officially opening. They will also serve signature tapas items. Like them on Facebook for the latest news!

“Spring” by Downtown Biloxi!

All of the new restaurants opening in Biloxi have one goal in mind. Each wants to offer guests and locals a new option with all the bells and whistles. Whether it’s a unique dish or a lively evening in the courtyard, downtown Biloxi is back!

These new restaurants opening in Biloxi this spring all bring something different to the table—literally!  As of now, what’s on the menu ranges from seafood to pub fare to beignets.


Jump on the spring bandwagon! Biloxi is growing. New restaurants means new jobs, which means new opportunities. But don’t stop at a new career. What about a new place to call your own?

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