In the News: Biloxi High School Was Ranked Among the State’s Best Schools

Biloxi High School was ranked among the state's best schools

We are pleased to say that local high school students can end the year on a high note of success! Once again, Biloxi High School was ranked among the state’s best schools. But this year, they moved up the list!

Rankings are in!

According to U.S. News and World Report, Biloxi High School ranked number one in the Gulfport MS Metro Area High Schools! BHS ranked second on the list of best schools in the entire state! Coming in just behind the number-one-ranked Mississippi School of Mathematics and Science in Columbus, MS, Biloxi jumped two places from its previous ranking of fourth!

However, the rankings do not end there! Out of data collected by 24,000 national public high schools, almost 18,000 were ranked. Based on six criteria, BHS ranks 1,762 out of 17,857, to be exact. That means the high school is in the top 10 percent nationwide!

For more on Biloxi High School’s rankings, click here.

The Criteria

There are six factors that determine where—or if—your high school will be ranked. First, there’s college readiness. Are at least 30 percent of your students ready for college? Second, there is math and reading proficiency followed by math and reading performance.

Then rankings take the underserved student performance percentage into account. Next, the high school’s AP course offerings are evaluated. Finally, graduation rates are measured based on the number of students who enroll as freshman compared to those that graduate.

Biloxi High School was ranked among that state’s best schools out of a total of 234 Mississippi schools. For more on how the high school rankings are determined, click here.

Staying on Top

According to reports, BHS credits the entire district for this achievement. In continued efforts to improve, the administration adds and adjusts as needed to best serve all students.

For example, the high school added after-school tutoring, Saturday schooling and study hall during regular school hours to give students more access to needed support.


A commitment to public education and local schools is a community keystone. Whether it’s early education, secondary education or higher education, Biloxi can officially say Biloxi High School was ranked among the state’s best schools!

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