In the News: West Biloxi Library Opened After Renovations

West Biloxi Library opened after renovations

Recent news that West Biloxi Library opened after renovations couldn’t have come at a better time for cozy days indoors or reading outdoors in warm afternoon light! Who’s ready to check out a good book and the library’s new look?

About West Biloxi Library’s renovations

In case you haven’t heard that West Biloxi Library opened after renovations were complete, we’re telling you now! In fact, the Harrison County Library System’s branch re-opened on Monday, Nov. 13th. Patrons can expect to see several updates and changes when they visit.

A few of those changes include precise organization, brand-new carpet and a fresh new color scheme that adds a vibrant sense of energy to one of the city’s busiest libraries.

More about the West Biloxi Library

Like before, the West Biloxi Library will continue to offer patrons plenty of services, including books and digital resources. One such digital resource, for example, is hoopla digital, which provides access to tons of movies, TV shows, audiobooks and albums. 

All you need to use the library’s resources or check out material is a valid library card. But beyond using the library’s computer services or checking out a must-read you just heard about, West Biloxi Library offers programs to the community too, like Pre-K Storytime and Grownfolks Art.


To see West Biloxi Library’s new look, head to 2047 Pass Road, which is about four miles from Summer Chase Apartments on Popps Ferry Road. So, plan on about a nine-minute drive when you do go visit this local library.

And, if you haven’t done so already, connect with West Biloxi Library on Facebook for more library announcements and upcoming events. 


Now that West Biloxi Library opened after renovations, you can check out a few good reads and get comfy in your Summer Chase apartment. Or you can figure out hoopla digital and watch one of your favorite movies or shows. Better yet, stay entertained for the moment by reading our blogs!